Kara's Finished Nursery! (Aka The World's Longest Blog Post)

Finally, at 36 weeks pregnant, I have put the last finishing touches on Kara's nursery! As promised, here is an updated post on the final outcome. I took it slow making decisions this time around and gradually bought things here and there that I really loved (with Natalie's room I pretty much bought everything at once). Everything has ended up matching and working together very well and I really am smitten with the outcome.

First, I will post pictures of the room as a whole, and then I will break it down and explain in detail where everything was purchased from or how I made it.

Here is a panorama of the room, taken from the doorway. For some reason, the paint color doesn't show up right; it is actually a more lavender color.

And another (kind of messed up) panorama from the other side of the room.

Ok, now for the details. Let's start with the crib area:

The bumper and scalloped pillow cover are from Pottery Barn Kids. They have since discontinued the line, which was called Diamond Matelasse. If you do an ebay search, there are some options available there.

The crib sheet is from the Wendy Belissimo line at Babies R Us. It is 400 thread count and very soft!

I made the blanket using this tutorial for a chenille backed baby blanket, and boy was it easy! The fabric is Alexander Henry's Marni Garden. I bought two yards at a Quilting shop that was going out of business. Everything was 50% so it only cost me $10! Apparently, it is an older print that is no longer being made and I wasn't able to find it online anywhere.

When I bought it, I had no idea what I was going to use it for. It sat in the bag for several weeks. Then one day I was in the nursery, trying to figure out what I could add to bring some more color and pattern to the room. My little trusty light bulb went on in my head and I busted out the fabric and decided it would make a great accent. I went to work right away deciding how I would incorporate it into the room. Ultimately I used it to make the blanket, add a trim to the curtains, covered the matte of a picture frame, and made two decorative wall treatments (which I will show you how I did later).

The crib is the same one I used for Natalie and was purchased at Babies R Us over two years ago. It is a Bassett, but is no longer available.

The artwork on the left side of the photo was from this year's Global Bazaar collection at Target, and is no longer available. It is a silver and gray flower/vine design on dupioni silk. I purchased it when everything was 50% off, so it was only $15!

The artwork directly above the crib is shown closer up below:

This print is from the wonderful etsy seller Belle and Boo. If you haven't checked out her work before, do it now! There is a little something for everyone and any of her prints would be perfect in a nursery.

Lastly for the crib area is the mobile:

This delicate bunny mobile is constantly in motion. It sways and twirls gently with the slightest breeze. It is made simply out of paper, string and wire. I'm not a big fan of the stuffed animal type for some reason. This type of mobile reminds me of one my grandmother had in her room that had fish all over it. I used to watch it twirl and it really relaxed me. Purchased at moderntots.com. It was handmade in Denmark by Flensted mobiles.

Moving on to the seating area:

The chair is called Jennylund and is from IKEA. I really don't care for the rockers that they sell in the baby stores. While they are extremely comfortable, they just are so darn ugly! This chair is super comfy and I think it will be great for nursing because you sit pretty upright in it. If there is one thing about nursing I learned the first time around is that you need to be sitting in a very upright position. No slouching or lounging back on a chair unless you want your back to start aching in a matter of minutes. This chair is slipcovered, so when (not if) it gets dirty I can throw it in the wash. The only drawback of this chair is that it does not rock. We do have a hand-me-down glider to use as a back up though. It is in the family room so when we are up at all hours with the baby we can have help staying awake by catching up on all the TV shows we DVR!

The pillow on the chair was actually one of the first things I bought for the nursery and basically the inspiration for the entire room. I purchased it on Bluefly.com. It is a Thomas Paul silk pillow called "Flock" in lilac, and unfortunately is no longer available.

The lamp was from the Target Global Bazaar collection and is no longer available. (Also 50% off, so it was only $25-whoo hoo!). I added lavender ribbon as a trim on the shade.

The little white globe night light is from IKEA. It looks so pretty lit up.

The cute brown puppy is Natalie's and just wanted a little cameo spot on my blog.

The table itself is just one of those cheap ones you can buy at Target or Walmart with the three legs you screw in. It has the glass top you can buy along with it. The white table cloth is from Walmart. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. I plan on having my big 'ol water bottle, a few magazines and a burp cloth there at all times for nursing.

Here is the grouping of items I have above the seating area.

The "Laugh, Dream, Love" print is a limited edition from the fabulous etsy shop OrangeBeautiful.

The brown shadow box is from Michael's Martha Stewart craft line, and I plan on putting either Kara's baby announcement or some other little items from her birth. Perhaps her hospital band and hat?

The two embroidery hoops I added to incorporate more of the Alexander Henry fabric I had made the blanket out of. They are called Swatch Portraits, and I got the directions here, from the Purl Bee. Super easy to make and such a great inexpensive decorating idea! The hoops are literally around $1 each at any craft or fabric store. I decided to paint the hoops to match the colors of the room instead of leaving them the blond colored wood them come in. There is a flikr group devoted to Swatch portraits that show some really great fabric combinations. Check it out. I would love to do another, larger grouping somewhere else in my home.

Ok, moving on over to the changing table area (are you still with me folks?):

The changing table I bought from JcPenney.com. They actually have a lot of cute, inexpensive furniture. Not the highest quality (the bottoms of the drawers are particle board), but for our budget it worked well. I replaced the wooden knobs with glass knobs from Target to give it a little oomph.

The big "K" is a vinyl wall decal I ordered from the great etsy shop, Magically Made.

The silver frames are from Michael's. (Only $4.99 on sale!) They are 11x14 and hold a 5x7 photo. I spray painted them silver and added black and white photos. One of my husband & I and one of Natalie. The third one has one of the cutest quotes on sisters that I have ever read:

Chocolate chip cookies are my fave so this was the perfect quote! I simply printed it up in a cute font called Calamity Jane on photo paper so it won't fade. And, making another room appearance is the Alexander Henry fabric which I used to cover the photo matte. Super cute, super cheap and one-of-a-kind!

And now, a word on my closet organization:

All organizers are from the Land of Nod. The lavender canvas bins and clothes organizer are from the "I Think I Canvas" collection and the brown baskets are from the "Strapping Storage" collection.

Organization is key in a nursery and will save you time and energy if there is a place for everything, and everything is in it's place.

Final odds & ends:

Silver curtain rod with glass finials from Walmart.

White tab-top curtains from Walmart. I sewed the fabric trim on the bottom.

Wool, 3'x5' rug from Land of Nod, Low Clouds collection. On clearance for only $49 instead of $99! Other sizes and colors also available.

Wall paint color is Soft Angora by Glidden, available at Home Depot. It looks a different color in practically every picture here, but in person it is a light silvery/lavender color. Very soothing and easy on the eyes.

Whew! I think that covers practically everything! I hope you have found some inspiration in the room. I tried to find items that wouldn't break the bank, yet looked like it did! By finding lots of items on clearance and making a few items myself I saved a ton of cash. I also love DIY projects because they add a personalization to the room that makes it extra special. You may notice there aren't many toys/books in the room and that is because Natalie's room is full of them! I wanted Kara's room to be as calm and clutter-free as possible. If you have any questions or would like to make my day by leaving a nice comment, please do so!


  1. Wow! I just found your blog and may i just say, BRAVO! I instantly became your #1 fan! congrats on your new little one!

  2. Oh wow!! what a GORGEOUS ROOM!

    you have fabulous taste :-)

  3. Hi Jackie. I was googling curtain ideas for my little girl's nursery and came across your blog. I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful job you did with this room. It's simply stunning!

  4. Hi Jackie, this is the most beautiful nursery I think I've ever seen--and of course it caught my eye with that great Thomas Paul pillow. Great job!

  5. I LOVE her room!
    I am still finishing up the details on Brody's room. Maybe one of these days I will finish :)

  6. Its a beautiful room you have done an amazing job, my name is also Kara spelt with a K you don't hear it alot.
    I have just had my first son and done his nursery, I loved every minute.
    I am glad to have found your blog, it sounds like we are similar, I shall have a bit more of a read

  7. Wow....... Rooms and walls are looking gorgeous....

  8. I just clicked on this for the first time... Kara's room is so pretty! I love the colors and that you've made it both so cute and classy. Very well done!

  9. Beautifully done. I love all the DIY details! And I am so sad that Target print isn't available anymore. Great color choices for the whole room.

  10. very sweet room, well done! i've recently posted a few more examples of embroidery hoop art on my blog, if anyone's interested. http://roomforyoungones.blogspot.com/2010/02/denise-schmidt-embroidery-hoops-custom.html


  11. what a beautiful room, I really love it!

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