Tiered Skirt Sewing Triumph

Ok, so this darn skirt was a lot more complicated for me than I thought it would be. The directions seemed pretty simple, but I definitely underestimated how much time it would take. It seriously took me around 5 hours to make. Luckily it was all in the company of a lovely friend of mine who has a sewing room at her house, so I was able to sew in Natalie-free peace. My friend also helped keep me motivated and that I was on the right track. Several times during the process I held up the skirt and thought "This just doesn't look right" and several times I had to bust out the ol' seam ripper and re-do certain parts. In the end, I think it turned out super cute (yet far from perfect). Now I am going to make a teeny tiny matching one for baby Kara.

Directions for the skirt here.

(And yes, I know my daughter needs a haircut. It is especially messy in these pics because she had just taken out her ponytail.)

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