The Sweet Smell Of Lollia

I finally got around to ordering a new Lollia Wish No. 22 candle (which is my signature scent) and got it in the mail today! It makes the whole house small so wonderful, and I constantly get compliments on it. My last Lollia candle lasted since Christmas 2006, when my parents got it for me as a present. I first ran across it in a cute boutique in the wine country near where they live. I instantly fell in love the the beautiful glass container's light blue and gold swirls (for lack of a better term) as well as the sweet honeysuckle-like scent. I also have the perfume, but don't wear it often because I have allergies that go haywire when I wear perfume. (Boo for allergies). If ever there was the perfect candle, this would be it.

Here is what beauty.com (which is where I ordered it) has to say:

Key ingredients:
Soy wax blend. A Burst of Italian Bergamot, notes of Cinnamon and Pepper, Rice Flower, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang, sheer Amber Woods and Vanilla Bean.

(Really-all that? All I could come up with was honeysuckle!)

Design Details:
Blue french inspired fular pattern dancing around a glass container with Real Gold accents, with a hanging cut glass crystal.

(Again-all I could come up with was swirls? I guess we know I have no future in marketing.)

Burn time 80 hours.
Dimensions: 2.5" long x 5.25" tall

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