A Peek Inside My Makeup Bag

I always loved the InStyle feature when they ask celebrities what is in their makeup bag. So here is my little version...

I am a serious Benefit addict. Right now I am using their Brow Zings in Light, Thrrob blush, She-laq (which is a clear makeup sealer that helps your eyebrows stay filled in nicely all day), and their Play Stick in Spin the Bottle.

I use Almay eyeshadow in the trio for hazel eyes.

For mascara, I am a die hard Great Lash fan, and have been using the Blackest Black with curved brush for years.

When I am feeling fancy I have a Shu Uemera eyelash curler that I spend the extra few minutes to use, but not in my normal daily routine.

I am not a big lipstick fan, and usually only use whatever random lip gloss I have lying around.

And that is about it. Pretty simple. Oh, and of course, before I even put on any makeup I use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15. I always am changing my moisturizers because I still haven't found one that I absolutely love.

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