Kara's Nursery

I have been seriously obsessed with decorating the nursery since finding out I was having another girl. I was definitely played out of the color pink from the first time around-so that color was out of the question. I wanted a very calm environment, and not so "baby-ish" if that makes any sense. Basically, a very classic look. I am still not totally finished, but I wanted to show a few snippets of what is in the room so far.

The crib is the one I used for Natalie and was purchased at Babies R Us over two years ago. It is a Bassett, but is no longer available. The bumper and pillow are from Pottery Barn 's Diamond Matalesse collection and are no longer available. The blanket hanging on the side of the crib I made (see a few pics down for info). Artwork directly above crib is from Target's Global Bazaar collection and is no longer available. The artwork on the side is shown closer up below:

This print is from the wonderful etsy seller Belle and Boo. Love, LOve LOVE all of her work!

The chair is from IKEA. The pillow was one of the first things I bought for the nursery and was basically the inspiration for the entire room. I purchased it on Bluefly.com, but it is no longer available. It is a Thomas Paul silk pillow called "Flock" in lilac. The lamp was from the Target Global Bazaar collection and is no longer available. I added lavender ribbon as a trim on the shade. The little white globe night light is from IKEA. It looks so pretty lit up.

This cute bunny mobile is constantly in motion. It sways and twirls gently with the slightest breeze. Purchased at moderntots.com. It was handmade in Denmark by Flensted mobiles.

I made this blanket using a discontinued Alexander Henry fabric called "Marni Garden". I found it in a local quilting shop that was going out of business and bought two yards for only $10! I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for at the time. Then I realized it would make a good accent in the nursery. I also trimmed the curtains in this fabric and made a couple of wall hangings, that I will post about in the future.

This is a vinyl wall decal I ordered from this great etsy shop. It is on the wall above the changing table, but I haven't totally finished that side of the room yet, so you will have to wait to see the rest of the pics.

Natalie rummaging through all the great baby shower presents. The dresser on the right is the changing table I bought from JcPenney.com. They actually have a lot of cute, inexpensive furniture. Not the highest quality (the bottoms of the drawers are particle board), but for our budget it worked well. It just so happened to match the crib perfectly, which was difficult since it wasn't as red as a cherrywood finish, and wasn't as totally dark brown as an "espresso" type finish. It's kind of in between the two. I replaced the wooden knobs with glass knobs from Target to give it a little oomph.

I still have a lot to do, so I will probably post more pics when it is complete. Sorry about the poor picture quality, I don't have a fancy camera or very good photography skills!


  1. Thank you so much for your gardening wisdom! I was giving up hope that I would ever find out what those flowers are. So glad I'm not the only person who gets link happy and reads random blogs :)