I've Found My Interior Design Soul Mate!

I was totally blown away today like never before. It all happened when I was nonchalantly flipping through the pages of the latest Better Homes & Gardens magazine (April 2008) and ran across an article on this lovely home. If someone had crawled into the recesses of my brain and pulled out what I have been longing for my home to look like, this would be it. The funny thing is that I would have never been able to come up with this myself, because I have always had trouble pinpointing exactly how to express my style. I know what I like and don't like, but putting it all together to create a cohesive design style in my home just doesn't come naturally to me. Now I have this fabulous home to inspire me!

I am loving the gray walls and curtains with the chartreuse green and turquoise accents in the formal living room. I have always wanted a pair of matching arm chairs to angle in front of my fireplace.

Another great design element: banquette style seating in the kitchen. What I wouldn't give for a sunny little breakfast nook with built-in seating like that!

Interesting storage solution...put a big shelving unit right on top of the vanity! Not something I have seen before, though not quite sure I would do this myself.

This has to be my favorite room (ok-it's tied with the kitchen). What a gorgeous color blue on the buffet. Love the matching lamps and the trim on the shades, love the koi print, love the chandelier, I could go on and on.

I like the use of a low wall to define a space, while still keeping it open to other rooms. I think I have seen that bulletin board at Ballard Designs.

Pink and chartreuse green..cute in a little girls room of course, but I would have never thought to use it in the family room. For some reason this works for me though. I don't know if you can make out the print above the fireplace, but it is an Andy Warhol print of lifesavers that says "Please do not lick this page!"

And the other tie for my favorite room in the house-the kitchen. White cabinets with black granite counters *sigh*. The tile on the back splash really tickles my fancy too. Is that a Martha Stewart pot I spy over on the stove? The canisters on the counter are filled with flour, oats and...candy! Cute way to bring color to the kitchen, but my daughter would be constantly asking me for some if it was so easily accessible like that (not to mention battling with my own sweet tooth).

All in all, I am in LOVE with this interior and it's mix of formal style with playful colors, prints and accessories.

Better Homes and Gardens didn't seem to have the article on it's website, so you will have to buy the April 2008 issue if you want to check it out more closely. Also, there was no interior designer listed in the credits, it was all the homeowner Margaret Pemberton's doing. Way to go Margaret!!


  1. My daughter and I love the rooms! She just moved to NYC and we have veen trying to find a copy of the poster print "Do Not Lick This Page" by Any Warhol. Can you help? We have googled until we can not google any more!
    Thank you,
    Helen M.

  2. I too love this article & the Warhol print!! In fact have been saving the magazine & trying to track the print down as well. The only thing close was a navy blue version by just googling Lifesavers.
    If you have found it would love to know!!!
    Thanks so much!
    Gina F.

  3. just discovered your lovely site! what fun!

    I too feel in love with the Pemberton home!

    any idea where they sourced the chandelier over the breakfast nook table??

    I ripped the pages out of the magazine but failed to pull the resources page. bummer.

    thanks! annie