Black & White Tulips

My inspiration photo via Domino

I saw this idea in Domino magazine last spring, and thought it was so very chic. Then, as luck had it, I was shoppping at Winco one day (do you have one of those supermarkets-the warehouse kind where you have to bag your own groceries? Not a fun outing let me tell ya), and they had a display of bulbs which included a pack of white tulips and a pack of black (OK- dark maroon) tulips for only $1.98 each!! Woo Hoo! So I snagged me a pair and got to plantin once I got home. I couldn't wait for those fabulous tulips to bloom.

The only pic I could find of mine-not great photo quality-sorry. But isn't my daughter cute?

Well, when they finally did, they weren't near as fabulous as I thought they would be. I think I needed a lot more to make any kind of real visual impact. But don't get me wrong-I did enjoy them. I was looking forward to them sprouting up again this Spring- that is until my husband's mangy dog dug them all up and chewed on them. I'm not a very big fan of that dog right now.

Maybe I 'll take another trip to that hell hole we call Winco and see if they have more this year.

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