When a Cupcake is More Than Just a Cupcake

Tomorrow is my beautiful little Natalie's 2nd birthday! I cannot believe how fast time has gone by. She is such a "firecracker" as my mom likes to put it-so full of moxie for such a young person in the world. It melts my heart when she says "Oh, thank you momma!" (in response to me giving her a snack, helping her get something she needs, etc.) and "Are you ok momma?" (in response to me stubbing toe, burning dinner, etc). And her hugs are what this life is all about. *Sigh*

With that being said, I am prepping for the big day as we speak by making her a "Giant Cupcake" cake for the party. I bought it at Sur La Table a few months back, and have been dying to use it. But, of course, the procrastinator in me didn't try out a test run first. So here I am crossing my fingers that it turns out OK and that I don't somehow screw it up royally. Where is my chef-in-training brother when I need him? (Oh-that's right-a three hour drive away going to culinary school).

I will post a pic of my masterpiece when I am finished if I am not too embarrassed by the outcome.

Here is a pic of the pan:

And what the finished product could potentially look like:

My cake is chocolate and I am going to use white frosting for the top. I am not going to attempt to frost the bottom I don't think. I'll just see how it goes I guess...stay tuned!

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