Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets

These puppies are all the rage among celebrity mommies and I can't wait to try them out once Kara gets here. When we had Natalie two years ago, all I had were the flannel receiving blankets that they sell everywhere (Babies R Us, Target, etc) and they were too small to get a proper "swaddle" going. The only thing that worked was the one hospital blanket she came home with (accidentally, by the way-I don't even think we were supposed to keep it!) that was thin & big enough, but not very cozy. These swaddling blankets are made of a soft, breathable muslin fabric and are generously sized. That being said, this time around, being the seasoned mother that I am (wink, wink), I know what to look for and what is going to work. So I am ordering up a set of these today! My husband is the BEST swaddler ever...I never quite got the hang of it the way he did. So I can't wait to see him do his magic with these beautiful wraps!

Here is some info on the company and their products according to their website:

"When it comes to swaddling a baby in comfort and supreme softness, it doesn't get any better than the designs from Aden + Anais. Every swaddling blanket, each hooded bath towel and every baby washcloth from Aden + Anais is crafted from soft, breathable muslin fabric for air flow and ultimate comfort. These are swaddling cloths made with the safety, softness and breathability you need.

Aden + Anais was formed by Australian mothers who moved to the United States and found that the swaddling cloths made of the muslin fabric they wanted were too small for their babies, Aden and Anais. Further, every swaddling blanket that was large enough was made with fabric other than the muslin cloth that is so readily available for swaddling a baby in Australia. So they began making their own. Before long, they were being asked, "where did you get that great swaddling cloth?" by doctors, friends and mothers out and about who all wanted these muslin swaddling cloth items for their own babies. Hence, the company "Aden + Anais" was born."

Check them out here.
Four packs cost $44 and two packs cost $29.95. They also recently came out with a "winter warmth" collection that are double layered for those chillier months or climates. They are a litlle pricier: a two pack of those costs $49.95.

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