Pink is like red, but not quite.

Ok, so here are some of the reasons that make me want to have another little girl:
1. So Natalie can grow up with a live-in best friend that is always around to play with (not saying that a brother couldn't be her best friend-but you know what I mean).
2. I wouldn't have to buy new baby clothes.
3. I wouldn't have to buy new gender appropriate toys.
4. When my two daughters are older we can have mommy-daughter days. These will consist of: getting our nails & hair done together, having lunch at their fav restaurant, then shopping and spending all of daddy's money. Lastly, we will come home, watch a chick flick and they will let me in on all of their secrets and gossip. Ahh, what a fantasy world I live in.

But then again, I would love to have a boy because:
1. I would have to buy all new baby clothes-and I am desperate to buy little cargo pants, argyle sweaters and plaid shirts.
2. I would have the best of both worlds: one girl, one boy.
3. It would possibly avoid arguments later down the road that would go something like this: Natalie: "Where is my new sweater? Mom, sister is borrowing my clothes without asking again!"
Sister: "Jeez, it's not like you haven't borrowed my stuff without asking before."
Natalie: "Still, I'm sick of you using my stuff, go buy your own." ...you get the picture.
4. I always wanted a little mama's boy.

So, there you have it, a few of the reasons why I would enjoy either another girl or a boy.
This time, though, if I do have another girl I refuse to buy anything pink. My first baby shower was pink, practically all the clothes I received at said shower were pink and my daughter's room is currently pink. Pink, PInk, PINk, PINK! AAAaHhhhhh! So definitely no more of that for our household thankyouverymuch.

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